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Master How to Manifest

Master How to Manifest

Mindful Manifestations Masterclass... Begin manifesting like a pro!




Get a FREE BONUS 10 minute voice coaching call with Veronica when you pay in full! (no payment plans) Bonus call is a value of $250!


You are a master manifestor… you have the ability to draw any miracle into your life and there is a solution to every circumstance that currently exists.


You need only begin deliberately manifesting the world around you.


  • Manifest your perfect partner or improve an existing relationship with a specific person.
  • Manifest the income level you desire and your dream job.
  • Manifest beauty, health and your ideal body.
  • There are no limits to what you can achieve.
  • It’s time for you to become an expert in deliberately manifesting your life to attract anything and everything you want!




✓ This masterclass contains a total of 44 unique and powerful lessons that include everything you need to know to become a master manifestor.

✓ Watch over an hour of exclusive videos that cannot be viewed anywhere else.

✓ Watch new remastered videos that are exclusive to this masterclass.

✓ Listen to Veronica’s hour long master manifestor mp3 meditation that will help you remove doubts and receive your ultimate desires.

✓ Become an expert by being calm and composed while you confidently manifest all of your dreams.

✓ Use proven techniques from Veronica’s own life that have personally worked for her.

✓ Receive unlimited coaching questions answered in Veronica’s private Facebook group.

✓ Discover how to change your mental habits and inner stories to align with the results you want.

✓ Study at your own pacing.

✓ Receive all updates and additional materials FREE.

Instant access and lifetime access to the masterclass.



• How to harness the power of relaxation while successfully manifesting desires that you want very badly.

• No longer feel clueless in where to start manifesting.  Get a crash course on what works and what doesn’t.

• The correct way to use conscious breathing techniques so your body is in harmony with your manifesting.

• How to practice proper gratitude to find more happiness and finally get what you want in life.

• Avoid exhausting yourself with techniques that are hard and take the path of least resistance to receive your desires.




LESSON 1: The Power of Relaxation

LESSON 2: Conscious Breathing Techniques

LESSON 3: Gratitude

LESSON 4: Visualization Technqiues

LESSON 5: Logically Understanding Visualization

LESSON 6: Define Your Desires

LESSON 7: Shift Your Energy

LESSON 8: Be Consistent

LESSON 9: Plan to Achieve Your Goals

LESSON 10: How to Make Adjustments

LESSON 11: Improved Relationships

LESSON 12: You are Not Alone

LESSON 13: Taking Time to Be Selfish

LESSON 14: Relax Your Mind and Body

LESSON 15: Shifting Focus

LESSON 16: Practice Deep Breathing

LESSON 17: Reduce Stress

LESSON 18: Making Changes

LESSON 19: Wealth and Career Enhancement

LESSON 20: Feel the Universe Within You

LESSON 21: Believe Your New Reality

LESSON 22: Focus and Vision

LESSON 23: Abundance

LESSON 24: Complete Wellness

LESSON 25: Love

LESSON 26: Improve a Romantic Relationship

LESSON 27: Naturally Find Positivity

LESSON 28: Best Ways to Be Positive

LESSON 29: Best Manifestation Secrets

LESSON 30: Believe in Yourself

LESSON 31: Confidence

LESSON 32: Visualize What You Prefer

LESSON 33: Embrace Good Vibrations

LESSON 34: Your Path

LESSON 35: Love Yourself

LESSON 36: Give Your Best

LESSON 37: Clear Your Mind

LESSON 38: Manifest Desires Daily

LESSON 39: Powerful Tool

LESSON 40: Mental Attitude

LESSON 41: Live Life to the Fullest

LESSON 42: Connect With Your Spiritual Self

LESSON 43: Experience the Power of Love

LESSON 44: Overcome your Fear, Doubt, Stress, Anxiety



Please note that you end up paying slightly more when you enter a payment plan


After you purchase the course, please register as a student at this link and then email and we will get you access to the materials ASAP!


If you are experiencing a financial hardship, please contact me at and I’ll do my best to get you into this program at price that works with your budget 😍


Refund Policy

Please note that all sales are final.  Keep that in mind before purchasing a program.

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10 Weekly Payments
13,00$cada semana durante 10 semanas
5 Monthly Payments
29,00$cada mes durante 5 meses
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