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Manifesting Goddess

Veronica has been helping people transform their lives for over a decade. She is a world traveler, vegan and philanthropist.


Veronica has years of experience deliberately manifesting in her own life, and has helped thousands of clients throughout the years reach their dreams.  Just a few of the things Veronica has deliberately manifested-


1. Dream relationship which resulted in an engagement and the realization of her perfect wedding in a fairy tale castle.

2. Multi six figure (soon to be seven) annual income and working for herself.

3. Traveling the world flying first class and staying in the finest of hotels.

4. Purchased her beautiful home in 2018 and drives a Tesla.

5. Being a philanthropist for animal rights issues and donates thousands of dollars every month.

6. Weight loss of over 150 lbs.

7. Baby grand Steinway piano.

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What people are saying about Veronica...

Veronica is one of the kindness people I have came across when I was caring for my broken heart, she always responds to emails and it's full of positive energy that just illuminates from her.  Her YouTube videos have helped me a lot after breaking up with boyfriend.  To be honest I did not see any light at all until saw Veronica's LOA, she gave me hope and also started the whole new journey in my life. Thank you Veronica!

Veronica is very generous and kind, and she will answer all the questions you have, and will guide you towards a path that leads to success! I love that she responds so quickly, and how caring she is! I love how her videos compliment her books, and I love how simple and descriptive her books are. My favorite thing about Veronica herself, and her coaching is that she ALWAYS ensures that things will work out and that LOA does work 100% if you allow it. She emphasizes that soo much, and I love the reassurance. Thank you Veronica!!!

I was in what I thought was a hopeless situation with my ex-boyfriend. I thought what she had to say on her videos was very interesting. I went on her website and looked into all of the things she has to offer and I decided to contact her for some Coaching and help with changing my situation. I can't say enough about how helpful she was and very knowledgeable about the LOA, really knows her stuff! She is so upbeat and very positive. I was feeling a little down a few times but as soon as I talked to her or received her e-mails it totally changed my frame of mind and my thinking. I would highly recommend Veronica you won't be sorry.

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