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Calls with Veronica

Calls with Veronica

Private 1-1 Coaching Calls with Veronica


*spots will fill up* so don't miss your chance

call time never expires so purchase and save for when you need it


Want to hop on a phone call? Book one before space runs out!

This will be the last time that I offer phone calls for a few months!​

We can discuss anything related to your manifesting and I can give you advice on how to get exactly what you want!

Unfortunately, because my time is very limited there are only a few slots left.




$250 for a 10 minute phone call

$600 for 30 minutes of phone time

$1,000 for 60 minutes of phone time

$2,200 for 150 minutes of phone time

$4,000 for 300 minutes of phone time

$6,000 for 500 minutes of phone time



If you purchase the 30, 60, 150, 300 or 500 phone time package... you can split up the time however you like and it never expires.  Calls as short as 10 minutes are available.  For example, if you purchase the 60 minute package, you could do (6) 10 minute calls instead of one call for 60 minutes.  It's your preference.


Refund policy: No refund due to the coaching nature of this product and my personal time that will already be invested after the coaching is complete.

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