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Success Story: How She Got Her Specific Person Back!

This is a success story on how to get an ex back using the law of attraction. It was submitted by a follower who used my techniques to make this happen in her life. You are going to feel so inspired by the time you’re finished reading this and I am going to show you how you can do the exact same thing in your life.

We’re going to call this person, “R.” It’s important to note that since attracting her ex back, they have been in love ever since and things continue to get better every single day. She got exactly what she wanted and I’m going to be sharing her story in her own words, then analyzing what she did so that you can apply it in your own life. She specifically wanted me to share this story so that other people could know that they can do it too. She also said that she imagined and visualized sharing this story with me and then it happened! How wonderful is it that the exact outcome came to be and that it can happen for you as well? I am so happy that she has shared her story with me. You can absolutely use these same techniques and have success in your own life. You are no different than R. You can make an ex want you back. You can reconcile, no matter how bad the situation is!

Here is her story…

Dear Veronica!

I can't believe I'm writing to you these words, I'm so happy to become one of your success stories at last! I was visualizing writing to you my story and now it is actually here, I'm doing it! :)

My story is a long one, but I would be so happy if you put it in your channel one day, because when I was struggling I wanted to hear really detailed stories so badly, so just bear with me :)

I was in a relationship with my best friend for a few months that ended in February 2018. To say I was devastated is an understatement. I was shattered to pieces, because I was so sure that he is the one, and we would end up together. I was so happy during this time, but he was struggling with his mental health, and I got scared and started doubting our relationship. Needless to say it fell apart in just a matter of days. He told me he doesn't feel anything for me and never had. He was my best friend who also used to be my roommate, so he knew everything about me and we did everything together - so hearing that from him broke me in a way I never thought I could recover from. I was thinking - if this guy, my best friend and someone who knows me best can't fall in love with me, then no one will.

I was severely depressed for months, but in the summer I decided to try online dating - just to get my mind off of my ex. My first date was a really cute guy, we had so much in common, he made me laugh so hard and we even had a lot of common friends as well. I was so happy to discover that someone could make me feel excited again, and we started dating. But I still wasn't ready, and I had my ex on my mind all the time - so this relationship ended too. He told me he likes me very much, but he is not ready for a serious relationship. I was devastated again, and the belief that no one can love me got stronger and stronger. This is the guy that I'm going to refer to as my SP from now :)

I started watching LOA videos, found your channel and many others. I started meditating, scripting, affirmating, but nothing worked for me. Looking back I can say that I was not in a good place. I was sad and desperate, and I wanted to have someone sooo much. My desire was not coming from an easy and calm place, so I struggled.

I started going to therapy focusing on self love, because I understood that that was my biggest problem that was blocking my desires coming to me. I slowly started to feel better about myself, started hanging out with friends who reassured me that I am loveable and that I deserved to be treated well and loved well. But this is a very long process to strengthen this belief, and the path has a lot of doubts. I started having them as I started dating again a little and those relationships ended abruptly again and again. And then last November, I hit a brick wall again: I've learnt through our mutual friends that my SP is in a relationship with someone else (after telling me, that he doesn't want to be in one).

Needless to say I was spiraling again to depression. I believed that LOA is a scam because it has not worked for when I was trying to manifest consciously. I wanted to run away, and I did something radical: I booked a one-way ticket to Asia. And so in February I went on my first long solo-trip. I backpacked through South East Asia for months. During this time I learned so much about myself, and thanks to the therapy and the change of scenery, for the first time ever, I really started to feel that I am loving myself. I started feeling light and painless for the first time in a year. At one point as I was sitting on a beach on Thailand, watching the sunset, this overwhelming feeling of gratitude hit me - I was thankful for all my exes, especially the one in the beginning of my story, because of they haven't dumped me the way they did, I would have never experienced the miracle that was in front of my eyes. During these months I still couldn't shake my SP from my mind. I couldn't accept that LOA is not working for me, and I was trying to manifest him back to me. Nothing really happened except for a few messages here and there, but I could feel a shift in energy, as I wasn't so attached to the outcome anymore.

I returned happy and confident in myself in May of 2019. I could feel that I am invincible, deserving of love and finally free. When I got back I learned that my SP broke up with his girlfriend - and I started hoping again. But I had doubts and conflicting thoughts again because I already agreed to volunteer in Africa for 4 months starting August. This battle in my mind played out so clearly in real life: all summer we hung out a lot (because of the mutual friends), there was a lot of flirting, and then the next week he would be with another girl at the party. It was like this, hot and cold all summer long.

Finally just 2 weeks before I left for Africa, I finally accepted that we are never going to be together. This thought was heavy, but it also came with a bit of relief too.

And this is where the story takes a turn :D Only 2 days after I accepted this thought, we both attended a mutual friend's birthday party. The night started out as usual, we were kind of avoiding each other at first, but then somehow we ended up next to each other, talking for hours, kind of trying to make up for nearly a year of no contact. He told me how much he missed talking to me and that he couldn't really stop getting me out of his head. He was so sweet and kind, he kissed me and was holding my hand in front of all our friends.I left for Africa but we would continue talking and texting.

When I returned I was full of hope that we would be together finally but nothing happened. I could feel myself growing anxious and attached again. I believe this was my final obstacle I had to overcome, the last resistance I needed to let go of. I - again - needed to learn to let go of him. Completely. And just wait for my happily ever after, either coming from him or someone else, even better than I could imagine.

Surprise surprise - it worked again :D And this time it was here to stay. We got together during the first wave of covid lockdown, and we've been together since, almost a year now! (wow it's crazy to imagine). Everything is as perfect as I would imagine. He makes me feel safe and loved, and I'm very happy and secure, mainly because of the empowerment that tha manifestation gave me. I chose this, I made this happen, and this thought empowers me soo much :)

Wow! Let’s just take a moment to soak all of that in. Hearing someone else's story about how they fell down over and over again, yet still managed to obtain her heart’s desire. Now, let’s take a look at exactly what she did.

Breaking Old Patterns

1. Let’s consider that she had a pattern with relationships. They all ended in the very same way, she kept experiencing the same level of disappointment. Honestly, the same thing happened to me in my life. These disappointments are what propelled me to make these changes in my life, it all started to make sense. These exact same hurts, same words, were all coming from different people that I had fallen in love with. I assumed that since they were different, they would say different things, but they all ended in heartbreak. The same thing happened with R. When you see these types of patterns existing in your relationships or any other area of your life where there is lack, it’s no coincidence. It’s a huge red flag to examine your beliefs, your thoughts and your mindset. Be mindful of exactly what you are thinking, feeling and doing. It’s that simple.

Releasing Neediness and Desperation

2. In R’s situation she was completely determined to stop this pattern from happening ever again. She wanted to break free from this so-called curse that was plaguing her. She admitted that she held a belief that no one could love her. I remember feeling and experiencing these same things in my life. It was as if I was defective and I just wouldn’t get to experience love. This feeling of not being capable of experiencing true love is something that you might be experiencing right now. But there is nothing holding you back from turning your situation around!

In R’s situation, she kept holding onto each guy too tightly. She was coming from a needy and desperate place. R even said that on many occasions, she tried scripting, visualizing or saying affirmations, but none of these things worked. That’s because she wasn’t in the right mindset. These activities do not work from the techniques alone, they work based off of the energy from doing it. Energy is more important than the technique itself, it will only work if your energy is detached and free. As you can see from R’s story, nothing ever worked for her until she learned what detachment really means. All she had to do was let go and release her grip, independently feeling peace. That’s it. You can’t be in a needy or desperate place and expect to succeed and her story is a perfect example of that.

Choosing Herself

3. I absolutely love that R started therapy and began working on self love. She knew that she was holding these guys above her, putting them on pedestals. Even when she felt like she was failing, she kept trying. She even found out that her specific person had started a committed relationship with someone else after telling her that he wasn’t ready for one. Now, this obviously was the worst feeling in the world. Seeing someone else getting exactly what you wanted. It makes you feel defective and wonder why this other person got the relationship, but you didn’t. The very same thing happened to me on many occasions, but it stopped when I changed my self concept. The same thing worked for R too. It didn’t matter that her specific person was with someone else. That relationship ended and she was able to get exactly what she wanted in the beginning. She made the right decision by choosing not to focus on the third party at all, but instead choosing to focus on herself.

Finding Joy In Life

4. One of the key moments in R breaking free from attachments and need was when she booked that one way ticket to Asia. She started to travel and live life for herself. She did something just for her. She put her peace of mind and wellbeing first. Now, you don’t have to do something as drastic as booking a one way ticket to Asia. Just do something that is completely out of your comfort zone, that you aren’t doing right now and is solely focused on your happiness. You want to find ways to feel that happiness and excitement without needing your specific person to provide it to you. I absolutely love that she had a moment of watching the sunset in Thailand, feeling true levels of abundance and a love for life, as if she already had everything she needed. This was the key moment in her journey. Even though it didn’t happen immediately after this moment, this was her first moment of experiencing pure alignment.

Practicing Gratitude

5. I love that R also found gratitude during her journey. She even had gratitude for her exes and made peace with those relationships that ended. She held no resentment towards how they treated her, she even saw it as a blessing that helped her achieve further growth. These terrible experiences in the past were actually a catalyst for change. They were the first steps in showing her that she needed to focus more on herself and loving herself. It showed her a way to love life and herself that she never would have known otherwise. So, it was actually a blessing in disguise.

If this breakthrough hadn’t happened for me and I hadn’t decided to get my guy back, I wouldn’t be talking to you today. I wouldn’t have learned about the law of attraction and wouldn’t have started my YouTube channel or website. I wouldn’t be experiencing so much of what I have today. I don’t resent that moment at all or any of the prior experiences when people treated me the same way. I don’t hold any anger towards it. I don’t hold any resentment towards the hurt. It doesn’t matter because all of it helped me in a way. It allowed me to get to where I am right now and the same thing happened to R. So, I give gratitude for everything that came before me. Every person played a part in my evolution, in my ability to help people. Give gratitude for your past experiences. It will help you grow and propel you towards the abundance that you will receive.

Allowing Things To Unfold

6. It’s absolutely no coincidence that the first breakthrough and first movement happened directly after she appreciated the sunset in Thailand. She had felt a profound shift in thinking and being, then suddenly some movement happened with her specific person. Now, it’s important to note that everything didn’t happen all at once. In fact, for her it happened in little pieces. That’s usually how manifesting takes place. It isn’t one big moment where you get everything at once. It’s usually little by little, here and there, until it all adds up to a bigger conclusion. R got a little hint, it wasn’t the whole package, but that didn’t matter. She stayed loyal and faithful to this new way of being because it made her feel so much better to be this person. Her situation continued to unfold in her favor.

Don’t push or force anything as things begin to happen, keep allowing them to happen in their own timing. Don’t be disappointed if it takes a little bit of time, because if you get there in the end, does it really matter? In this first instance of movement, R heard that her specific person had broken up with his girlfriend. They didn’t get together at this moment and a lot of things still had to happen. Things were still running hot and cold during that summer, she would get a little bit and then it would seemingly contrast. She didn’t give up! I think that this was a chance for her to solidify what she really wanted. This is who she was going to be and it wasn’t dependent on anything he was doing. R had to commit to fully detaching and letting go, she could no longer be that old, needy self.

Finally Letting Go

7. R had to choose whether or not to continue with her volunteer plans in Africa or cancel it to potentially be with her specific person. I absolutely love that she went ahead with her plans for her, she refused to change based on someone else. She didn’t want to put her needs on hold or be codependent on him. She made the right choice. Interestingly enough, when she came back things didn’t happen immediately. It still took some time! But she didn’t have to wait forever, she had chosen self-love and prioritized herself in going to Africa.

Now, this wasn’t the final piece. The final breakthrough happened when she decided that she was done with her need for him. She didn’t let him go, she only let go of her attachment towards him. She let go of feeling like she could only be happy with him. She knew that somehow she was going to get the loving relationship that she truly wanted, so it didn’t actually matter in the moment if it was with him or someone else. It no longer mattered to her that it had to be him. She preferred him, but it was no longer a do or die situation, she had no resistance in her at all. Her happiness was no longer dependent on her specific person. She chose herself, the feeling of fulfillment and peace that she felt while watching that sunset, over anything else. This is when it finally came together and it worked like magic.

It really all boils down to this...

  • Take a look at any patterns of lack in your life.

  • Look at your dominant beliefs and be ready to change them.

  • Release your need for someone else. Yes, you want this person. But you desire happiness above everything else.

  • Grant yourself this love of life and love of yourself without depending on anyone else to do anything.

  • Choose you and your needs first.

  • Allow yourself to have as many breakthrough moments of peace as you possibly can.

  • Fully let go of your need to have someone else complete you. You can prefer to be with them, but you don’t need it to feel whole.

Here are some final words of advice from R…

- holding onto very specific scenarios don't work and will cause you disappointment. Just focus on the END RESULT, and never obsess about how it will come. For me it worked when I was finally able to let go of the idea that it has to be him. I just said to myself: 'I want to be loved in an amazing relationship. I would prefer him, but I'm happy if it's someone else who's even better'.

- manifesting techniques are not magic spells, and they work differently for everyone. There is no right or wrong way to manifest. Whatever technique can bring you to a happy, easy, cheerful, optimistic, LIGHT mindset, use that one, and don't take it and yourself too seriously!

- don't check if you're there yet all the time, a watched pot never boils :)

- for me what worked and brought ease to my manifesting: visualizing before bed, just for the fun of it, if it feels forced then stop! Also the affirmation:everything is how it is supposed to be! (especially if I was seeing the opposite of what I wanted)

- it will come, when you finally let go. And REALLY let go. I was trying to let go so hard for 1,5 years, but you can't force yourself to get there, just let yourself learn and get to that point naturally. You will get there, just give it time and work on yourself and your mental diet, and your desire can come to you!

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