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New Year's Affirmations for a successful 2023!

Positive Affirmations for Self Love, Self Esteem, Confidence in 2023 💫 #success #selflove


I choose to love myself now

I am a radiating source of perfect love

I honor myself and listen to my needs

I love to give myself compliments and notice things I do well

I am one of a kind

I choose the best version of myself that is whole and complete

I see myself as beautiful and radiant

I choose to love who I am and accept myself

I am brilliant

I am irreplaceable

I am the only person in the world who possesses my unique qualities

I am special and wonderful

I am a source of radiant love

I choose to see myself as a beautiful soul who deserves the best in life

I am lovely

I accept my perceived flaws and choose to lovingly work on them instead of ever condemning myself

I am the prize and will hold high standards in all of my relationships

I am irresistible and people like me

I am a treasure

I draw good people into my life who treat me with respect and unconditional love

I deserve to have my heart’s desires

I feel myself to be the brilliant version of me that I was always meant to be

I cherish who I am

I am a gem

I let my personality shine through and never hide who I am for fear of rejection

I easily choose to recognize my loveliness

I open myself up to having all past wrongs be made up to me

I am fantastic

I am so beautiful

I have significance and importance

I am amazing and can accomplish wonderful things

I am capable of achieving anything I adopt in my heart as my truth

I am strong

I am a lucky person

I am pure love in the highest form

I see myself as exceptional

I am able to feel comfort and safety and grant myself this relaxed feeling

I am remarkable

I see myself as outstanding

I am a magnet for love and good things

I am valuable

I am beyond compare

I am meaningful

I am a miracle and therefore everything is possible


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