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How to Get Someone to Stop Ignoring You | Law of Attraction

It badly hurts your confidence and self-esteem when you care about someone and they keep ignoring you. Sometimes, you might not even know the reason, and all of a sudden, you stop existing for them.

When you get ignored like this by someone you want to attract, you can’t do anything but wonder why they’re treating you so badly? What did you do wrong? And more importantly, how do you get them to stop ignoring you?

If you’re also feeling like someone is ignoring you, and wondering how to get them to stop, then this blog is especially for you.

What to do When Someone is Ignoring You

This can be an ex who is ignoring you, maybe a crush, or a long-time friend. No matter who it is, the feeling of being ignored is equally hurtful.

But what should you do in such a situation? Beg them to stop ignoring you, or completely cut them from your life forever? Both of these are extreme steps and not something a wise person would do.

So what’s the best solution then? Let’s explore that now!

Why They Are Ignoring You

If the reason behind them ignoring you isn’t apparent, and nothing you can remember that can cause them to be mad at you happened, then probably the reason they’re ignoring you is because you’ve given them a strong reason to do so. Let me explain.

So what happens a lot of times when you’re trying to attract a specific person is all you do is think about them. They become the focal point of your life and your whole world revolves around them.

They’re always stuck in your mind. You look at their social media, their pictures, what they’re doing with their friends, and all sorts of stuff. You essentially stalk them. All you can think about is this person and how you want to be with them.

But what’s wrong with it, you might ask.

Well, you see what you’re essentially doing is, you’re putting more focus and emphasis on this person than you’re putting on yourself. The vibration you’re giving out is that you think you’re not important at all, and this other person is more important than you.

If you aren’t showing any importance to yourself, then how on earth can you expect this other person to give you respect and make you feel important? You’re essentially not respecting yourself by making this person so important in life.

You’re sending the message to the universe that your feelings are not important, you don’t love yourself, you don’t care about yourself because you care about this person more.

Stop Ignoring Yourself First

Whether you realize it or not, what you’ve done in the pursuit of getting them into your life is you’ve given up your own identity in a sense.

You’re not allowing this person to reach out to you because you’re reaching out to them so much, you’re not allowing this person to care for you or respect you because what you’ve done is placing all your energy on this person instead of yourself and your goals.

Start making yourself the most important part of your world. Yes, it’s okay to desire to be with this person but you have to keep it in the right perspective. Your life goals and desires are equally, if not more, important than this person.

When you put this person off the pedestal and stop treating them as someone much more important than yourself, you put yourself and your goals on the right plane in your life.

You start respecting yourself and your emotions, and essentially, you stop ignoring yourself. When you don’t ignore yourself, you can expect others to do the same.

This is the first step towards getting them to stop ignoring you, and that is also how you send the right message to the universe that you and your feeling are important and it should look after them first.

Remember, if you want to be treated right, be respected by this person, and get your texts responded to, then you need to start believing that you deserve all of this.

Get Your Life Back

Okay, so a genuine question, if this person is to text you right now and ask, what are you up to, or what’s going on in your life, what interesting answers can you give them?

Seriously think about it, what are some fun things you do in your life that you can talk with them for hours? Also, if they are to tell you something about their life, then you’d probably already know it because you keep stalking them on social media.

That means you guys don’t have a single interesting thing to talk about. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

What you need to do now is regain your lost identity and self-worth by focusing on your goals, desires, interests, and basically get a full life besides this person.

So that when you actually do get a chance to talk to them, you can talk about some really interesting things like the job you’re doing, your career goals, vacations that you’re planning, your hobbies and interests, and so on.

If you’re not living for yourself and all you’re doing is focusing on this person, then how on earth can they even communicate with you because you have nothing to talk about.

For example, if this is an ex you’re trying to attract back into your life, I’m sure when you first met this person, you had a full life. You had friends you hung out with, you had hobbies that you used to follow, there were interesting things you did and plans you made during the days.

If you’ve suffered a breakup and you’re trying to attract back an ex, you’ve probably ditched all those things to care about this person. Now, it’s time that you bring all those back and rebuild your good old life.

Get Rid of Your Addiction to Them

By getting rid of your addiction to them, it doesn’t mean that you completely forget about them and accept your fate that they’re never coming back to you, nothing like that. But for most of you who are trying to attract a specific person, they’ve probably become an addiction to you.

You think about them, look at their social media accounts and whatnot. It’s time you get rid of your addiction and instead of focusing on what they’re doing in their life, you shift your focus to what you are doing in your life.

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you think about should not be this person but what are the things that you’re going to do today to make this day a good and productive one.

Don’t start your day thinking about or stalking someone because that is a sure shot way to spend your time and day being unproductive.

Spend your day in the company of people you enjoy, like your family and friends, and make your decisions based on only what is good for you.

Yes, you should have a desire for this person and you should let the universe know about it. But once you do that, forget about them completely and have a life of yourself. Enjoy your time on this planet, and hopefully, the things and people you desire will automatically come to you at the right time.

Let Them Go

I know how much you love this person, you care about them, you want to be with them, but if they don’t want the same, you should respect their free will and your own self-esteem and let them go.

It might be hard for you initially, and you might have negative thoughts like you can’t live without them, you’re probably not good enough for them, or that the universe has rejected you and your wish, and all sorts of things. But that is not true.

The thing is, if they don’t carry the same feelings about you as you do, then you can’t force anything on them.

Even if you try to force the relationship or start trying harder, it will only backfire because that is not how the universe and the law of attraction works. The more you’ll get desperate for them, the more you’ll get into those low vibrations, which ultimately attracts more lack and more desperation.

The best possible way you can get with them is to ask the universe, stay in those positive high vibrations, let the universe work for you, and wait for your manifestation to come to you at the right time. If it still does not arrive, continue to let go and believe in yourself. Your happiness and peace of mind are worth much more than any person.

Keep your hopes and head high, and move forward in their life, and let them do the same.

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