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How to Manifest a Text | Get Someone to Text You Instantly

Have you already checked your phone like 100 times waiting for that one text from that one person to arrive? Does the notification sound of your phone raise your heartbeat in the hope that it’s finally them?

We all know how hard it is to sit and wait for something to arrive, and things get even worse when you don’t know if what you’re waiting for will arrive or not.

But there’s a better way than just hopelessly sitting and waiting for the text. How about manifesting it into your life? With the law of attraction, you attract the energy you give out, and that applies not only to just physical objects but texts, calls, and nearly everything in this world. That means you can manifest a text as well.

Sounds interesting? Then let’s learn how to manifest a text right now!

How to Manifest a Text

So you want to manifest a text from a specific person. This can be your ex, a boyfriend/girlfriend, or maybe someone you have a crush on. It can also be someone you’re not sexually attracted to such as your best friend or parents. It can be anyone you can think of.

All you have to do to manifest this text with absolute success is to follow the steps below with full faith & believe in the process. Ready? Let’s begin.

Believe that it’s possible

First of all, before we begin with the process, I want to point out that a lot of people are already skeptical of it. It is hard for them to believe that you can actually manifest a text from someone. And not only manifest the text but manifest the exact words in the text that you wanna receive. This skepticism blocks your mental power to learn and manifest.

If you’re to do this process, then the first thing you should do is remove all the doubts in your mind. Believe that it is true, and it is absolutely possible for you to learn how to manifest a text.

When you have full faith in the universe, it becomes far easier to manifest anything into your life, whether it be a text, a person, money, or anything else out there.

How does the text look like

The first thing you need to do is get a very clear picture of exactly how this text looks like. Remember, you have to be very specific about what you wanna hear from them.

So for example, you want to hear that your ex wants to get back together with you or that he/she misses you, or you wanna hear from your crush that they’re just as interested as you.

Or maybe you’re not as demanding, and a simple ‘hi’ from them would make your day. The key here is to have a clear picture of what you wanna receive so that you can send a clear desired picture to the universe.

Not being clear about what you want to receive may still get the results, but it might not be something you desired. So for example, you may actually receive a text from your ex, saying that they’re getting married next week. A pretty extreme example but you get the point.

The second you do this and visualize the text clearly, the experience has been sent to the universe and it instantly becomes yours. Now all you have to do is get into the energy of how to receive.

Get into a relaxed state of mind

The first thing you need to do in order to get into the receiving mode is getting into a relaxed state of mind. So if you were stressing out about not receiving the text, it’s time you do some things to forget it and get yourself to feel better.

Try to empty your mind by removing all the thoughts in your head, or at least clean up all the negative thoughts in your mind. You can do this by taking deep breaths and keeping your focus on the air you're inhaling and exhaling.

Imagining that the air you’re inhaling is positive energy from outside and what you’re exhaling is your negativity from inside can also help you get more relaxed and calm.

Next, you can do something nice for yourself. Treat yourself to something good to eat, take a hot bath, or compliment yourself. Do anything that makes you happy and confident.

Then, try to get some positivity in. Try to think of some positive thoughts about the text. First of all, give thanks that you’ve already received it. Say thank you to yourself for figuring out the way to bring it into your life.

I know it may sound silly the first time and you may think “why should I thank for it when I haven’t received it yet”. But that’s the secret, you gotta feel like it has already happened in your life. You gotta show absolute belief in the universe and the process you’re following.

Start acting as if

The next step is to start acting as if. So what you wanna do now is pick up your phone and look for the text as if it is just waiting for you to open it. Make sure your phone is always charged and ready to receive the message as it arrives.

Imagine what the notification sounds like when the text comes in. Does the phone vibrate? What does it sound and look like? Be specific about it as much as you can.

Thoroughly imagine what the notification looks like on your phone’s screen. See their name popping up on the screen and the words you want to hear from them. Feel exactly as if the text just arrived.

You can visualize the whole thing and experience the exact feelings of receiving the text for about 15 minutes at a time. Feel really good about it and go ahead and check your phone, the text may instantly come through. If not, don’t think that your manifestation has failed. It may just take a few more minutes, hours, or even arrive the next day sometimes.

Send yourself the same text

This is one step further from what we did in the last step. It is an optional but very powerful step that may speed up your manifestation even more.

So what you want to do is send yourself a pretend text. The text you send yourself is exactly the words you wanna receive, and imagine it’s coming from the person you’re waiting to hear from.

Read the text as if it actually just came through and feel the elation of this. You can also save your or someone else’s number by your crush’s name and use their photo as well to add more to the feeling.

This will immensely help you raise your vibrations to the levels where you can receive your manifestation even faster.

Detach and let it come to you

What you wanna do after this point is to stay calm while you’re waiting for the text to arrive. Detach yourself completely from the outcome and do not constantly check your phone to see if you got the text.

This is a very important step after any manifestation you do. If you keep on worrying about the result, it may block the law of attraction from working and you may not receive the desired result.

The best thing you can do from now is to try to forget it. I know it’s nearly impossible to completely forget about it, but what you can do at least is get yourself involved in something that can keep you busy. It can be anything that you find interesting, and something that is positive to keep your vibrations high.

An even better option is to take a nap and who knows, you may wake up with your text already arrived.

Detachment is essential to let the universe do its magic without being influenced or interrupted by your conscious thoughts and mind. The more you can keep your thoughts in check, the better it’ll be for your manifestation.

Don’t let negativity take over you

Remember, this may work instantly or it may take some time, but the important part is that it will work. It even works with people you haven’t heard from in a long time.

So if it’s an ex you want to receive a text from, and you both haven’t talked in a while or things ended up bitterly between you two, it doesn’t matter. It works!

What you have to keep in mind is while you’re waiting for this text, you cannot get upset, you can’t complain, you can’t be frustrated or feel self-defeated. All of these things will block the experience of text coming through.

That’s why you want to make sure that you don’t let negativity take over you and make you feel negative emotions. Keep faith in the universe and remember that the universe always provides, no matter what.

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