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Affirmations to manifest anyone to find you irresistible and love you like crazy

Say these as often as it feels good, but never as a requirement

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What if my specific person could love me right now

And, found me so irresistible that they could not stop thinking about me

What if I was on their mind all the time

And, they wanted nothing more than to be near me

To please me

To commit to me

What if they were so lovesick for me that it actually hurt not to be around me

What if they couldn’t stop looking into my eyes and telling me just how much they love me and adore me

What if they valued me so much that they would do just about anything to win my heart

What if I never felt lack ever again when this person came to mind

I only felt love and joy

Because, they bring me so very much happiness

That it feels like things were always this way

What if I was showered with so much abundance

So much joy

That everyone around me commented on just how happy they were that I had found the partner of my dreams

And, what if everyone in my specific person’s life commented on just how happy they were that they found me

And, that I decided to love them

What if I was someone to be earned

And, my specific person went out of their way

To win my heart

To win my attention

What if my specific person fought for me

And, was on their best behavior all the time

And, walked on tiptoes

Because, I was that important to them

What if my days of crying and being sad and missing them were long over

What if I forgot there was ever a time when I wasn’t with my specific person

Because our whirlwind romance happened so fast

And, took over my life in such a way

That it felt like we were always together

What if my specific person and I got married in the most beautiful of ceremony

And, I got to choose all of the details

And, they told me every single day leading up to the wedding

Just how lucky they felt to marry me

What if I felt loved every single day of my life

And, I was part of a power couple

A power team

And, people commented on the street

On just how in love and happy we look

And, what a beautiful coupling we are

What if my specific person told me how they had been dreaming about me

Years before we ever met

And, that they knew the first time they saw me

That I was the one

What if my specific person apologized

That it took time for us to be together

What if they made up for any past hurts and wrongs

And, only did wonderful things to please me from this moment on

What if my specific person was so lovesick with me

That they had to be around me

Had to claim me

Had to make plans months in advance

Just so that they could have the reassurance that we would spend time together

What if every moment together felt so magical

That it felt like we were flying

Floating on air

What if all of our time spent together was so beautiful

So wonderful

So magical

That my specific person said that they wished that this moment could last forever

What if they did everything to please me

From the moment I wake up, from the time I go to bed

Anything and everything

What if they write poetry for me

And, gave me cards

And, called me their spouse even before we got married

What if they told me every single day

Just how beautiful or handsome I was

And, how stunning they find me

How physically attracted they are to me

How my touch makes them glow

Makes them feel warm inside

Makes them feel complete

What if they told me that the only time that mattered was the time spent with me

That every other moment during their day was actually useless

Actually meaningless

That it wasn’t as good as the time spent with me

What if my heart was overflowing with joy

And, I never knew what it was to cry or be sad

Because, my relationship was now such a source of joy

And, I was such an example

Such an inspiration to those around me

What if everyone else in my life wanted to have a relationship just like mine

What if my relationship grew year after year

We flourished

We grew together

And, never wanted to be apart

What if I felt so lucky in love

And, I was constantly cherished

And, shown joy and abundance

And, beauty

What if my specific person planned weekend getaways for me

And, paid for everything

And, I didn’t even have to lift a finger

What if I never had to worry one second longer about how this was going to happen

All I had to do was relax

Enjoy life

And, all of this was guaranteed

What if I could know that this was my future with my specific person

That they would find me irresistible

Commit to me

Want to live with me

Want to marry me

Want to start a family with me

Want to be possessive of me

What if my specific person was craving me right now

What if everything came together so beautifully and perfectly

And, it was as easy as that

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