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Self Love Transformation

Self Love Transformation

Save 70% until Sunday, April 28th at 11:59pm PDT! GET A BONUS 10 MINUTE CALL WITH VERONICA WHEN YOU PAY IN FULL! (payment plans don't qualify for the bonus) PHONE CALL IS A VALUE OF $250!


Something so powerful and simple and EASY.  Anyone can do it.

When I learned this secret, everything changed for me.

What am I referring to?


Master this and everything begins to fall into place effortlessly.

If I could do it, so can you.

I went from constantly being rejected in love, to marrying the man of my dreams.

I went from living in a scuzzy motel to living in my dream house.

I went from public transportation to driving a Tesla.

I went from weighing 300 lbs. to having my dream body.

I went from making $12,000 a year to making multi 6 figures and hitting 7 figures any day.

This is the best feeling in the world.  And, I figured out how to change my luck and I can show you to do the same as well.

You will receive lifetime access to all materials as well as all updates free of charge as my gift to you.


25 lessons of proven strategies to help you raise your self love which is vital for manifesting anything in your life.  You can do the exercises at your own pacing and have lifetime access to the materials and any and all updates!


✓ This will help you finally manifest your dream relationship.

✓ Align with having a better lifestyle and more money.

✓ Finally see yourself as capable of having the career you want.

✓ Attract more health, vibrancy and beauty.

✓ Rewire your subconscious mind to finally align with self love. 

✓ Change your mental habits and inner stories to become a manifesting master.

✓ Become happier then you have ever been and finally know what unconditional love for yourself is.


You will also receive access to tons of bonus videos, meditations and remastered videos that you cannot see anywhere else.


I will also give you an offer you can't refuse... unlimited coaching questions answered for FREE in both my private FB group and popular Law of Attraction forum.  And, this is the only way to get coaching with me.  It's not available on my website.


After you purchase the course, please register as a student at this link and then email and we will get you access to the materials ASAP!


The techniques that I teach in this workshop are things that have worked for me and also for thousands of my students. It's not hard to do. If you're finally ready to fall in love with yourself (and life!), and you BELIEVE that it's possible, then it can happen faster than you ever imagined


Please note that you end up paying slightly more when you enter a payment plan


Return policy:

All sales are final, please keep this in mind before making a purchase.

7 Weekly Payments
$15,00wekelijks voor de komende 7 weken
5 Monthly Payments
$19,00maandelijks voor 5 maanden
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