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Coaching: Manifestation Accelerator

Coaching: Manifestation Accelerator

Are you tired of feeling stuck in the same old patterns, struggling to manifest your desires despite putting in effort?


Do you find yourself questioning if you're doing it right and feeling frustrated by the lack of progress? You're not alone, and I'm here to guide you through a transformative journey that will unlock your manifesting potential like never before!


Personally work with me to manifest the fast results I know you want and deserve in all of your manifestations!! Let's accelerate your breakthroughs together! ðŸ’–


🚀 Imagine having direct access to seasoned manifestation mentor who has empowered thousands with her expertise over a decade! With the Manifestation Accelerator, you get personalized coaching tailored to your unique journey.  Pick the coaching plan that works best for your schedule and budget.  Personally work with Veronica through coaching emails and 1-1 calls so you constantly have access to the help you need.  No more confusion, no more guessing – just clear, actionable guidance that propels you forward.


💡 Uncover the secrets to manifestation success as I identify what's holding you back and provide breakthrough strategies to create tangible results. This isn't just another program; it's an opportunity to work closely with me to address your pain points, reshape your mindset, and design a personalized plan that aligns with your goals.


🔥 Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to accelerate your manifesting journey with Veronica Isles by your side.  Say goodbye to doubt, frustration, and missed opportunities.  Embrace the breakthrough you deserve! Limited spots available – secure your seat in the Manifestation Acceleration Coaching Program today and start manifesting the life you've always dreamed of.


Ready to make manifestation magic? Enroll now and watch your desires manifest faster than ever before!


The results you get will BLOW your mind!


Space is limited due to the intensive nature of this program.


Join me on this journey to unlock all of your potential and experience your most potent and supercharged manifesting results ever!


This program includes personalized email mentorship with Veronica, 1-1 phone calls and unlimited support on my forums.


Exercises will be delivered via email at your own pacing, and you will have the chance to ask any questions you like, vent your feelings and receive email coaching mentorship from me in each lesson.


✓ This will help you finally get fast results in your manifestations with no guessing games.

✓ Align with the experiences you want and deserve in life.

✓ Finally see yourself worthy of having the ideal life you have always dreamed of!

✓ Attract more happiness in relationships, money, success, health, beauty and more!

✓ Rewire your subconscious mind to finally align with falling in love with life.

✓ Change your mental habits and inner stories to become a manifesting master.

✓ Become happier then you have ever been and finally know what it's like to wake up every single morning excited for the day to come!


When you complete all 50 coaching lessons, you will also receive access to tons of exclusive videos, exercises, affirmations and motivational pep talks that you cannot see anywhere else.


The techniques that I teach in this workshop are things that have worked for me and also for thousands of my students. It's not hard to do. If you're finally ready to change all of those frustrations and embrace your own inner confidence and groove, and you BELIEVE that it's possible, then your relationships will transform faster than you ever imagined.


Pricing options to fit every budget!

  1. 1 weekly lesson/coaching email, 2 manifesting exercises and access to exclusive video, $33/week.  You can choose to continue through to all 50 lessons, or cancel at any time with no obligation to continue.
  2. 5 lessons/coaching emails, 10 manifesting exercises, access to 5 exclusive videos, 10 minute coaching call with Veronica.  $195
  3. 15 lessons/coaching emails, 30 manifesting exercises, access to 15 exclusive videos, 20 minutes of coaching call time with Veronica that can be split up any way you like.  $575
  4. 30 lessons/coaching emails, 60 manifesting exercises, access to 30 exclusive videos, 45 minutes of coaching call time with Veronica that can be split up any way you like.  $1,100
  5. 50 lessons/coaching emails, 100 manifesting exercises, access to 50 exclusive videos, 90 minutes of coaching call time with Veronica that can be split up any way you like.  Immediate access to the online course which includes additional motivational content like affirmations and pep talks that you cannot see anywhere else.  $1,800


Looking to purchase a larger package but need a payment plan? No problem! Choose PayPal pay in 4 at checkout, and you may qualify for 4 monthly payments with 0% interest.


Return policy:

All sales are final, please keep this in mind before making a purchase.

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