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Coaching: Ultimate SP Love Challenge

Coaching: Ultimate SP Love Challenge

Personally work with me to manifest your specific person in 25 days or less!


This is my classic 25 Day Specific Person Manifesting Challenge coaching course!!! This was written through my own experience manifesting my man back!!


This program includes personalized email mentorship with Veronica, 1-1 phone calls and unlimited support on my forums.


Is there a specific person that you would like to chase you, adore you, respect you and fall in love with you?

The 25 Day Challenge contains all the tools you need to be successful with manifesting a specific person.  It is written from my own experience and the exercises are things I actually did while manifesting my man.

Not only did I get him back, but we are more in love than ever and planning our dream wedding in a castle!


This is the program that all of my success stories have used! You can become the next success story.


Exercises will be delivered via email at your own pacing, and you will have the chance to ask any questions you like, vent your feelings and receive email coaching mentorship from me in each lesson.

This program contains all of my secret weapons...

✓ Advanced theory of manifesting a specific person
✓ 75 exercises that will completely transform your life forever
✓ Never before seen videos that are only available in this course
✓ Success stories from people who I've helped over the years


I love to deliver above and beyond to my clients and genuinely want you to succeed 💖

Reserve your spot ASAP!


I genuinely want you to succeed!


This works in any specific person situation including a breakup, someone you dated once, a crush, a co-worker, friend zone, long distance relationship, etc.


The techniques in this course have worked for me and thousands of my students and they continue to work.


Check out the course contents...


Day 1 - Celebrate Life

Day 2 - Give Some Gratitude

Day 3 - Have A Laugh

Day 4 - Feel Gooooood

Day 5 - Have Fun

Day 6 - Design Your Life

Day 7 - Rejoice In Life

Day 8 - Believe In Yourself

Day 9 - Love Life

Day 10 - Have Joy

Day 11 - Be Excited

Day 12 - Set More Goals

Day 13 - Make New Memories

Day 14 - Give Of Yourself

Day 15 - Clean Up

Day 16 - Feel Your Worth

Day 17 - Welcome In Success

Day 18 - Imagine The Best

Day 19 - Prepare The Way

Day 20 - Affirm Your Desire

Day 21 - Live The Good Life

Day 22 - Be Good To Yourself

Day 23 - Act As If

Day 24 - Life Is Beautiful

Day 25 - See It As Done

Theory of Manifesting a Specific Person

  • Things can get better
  • What is the Law of Attraction?
  • It is possible to manifest this relationship
  • Attracting
  • Motivation
  • Getting confident
  • Don't figure things out
  • Life is wonderful
  • You are a creative being
  • Visualization is your best friend
  • Sexy visualization & scripting
  • Love, love and more love
  • Your dreams are meant to come true
  • Releasing anger
  • Every thought counts
  • Stop reliving the past
  • Act as if
  • Fear isn't real
  • How much should I work on this
  • How to imagine
  • You are meant for your desires
  • Give your fear a hug
  • Trust the Universe
  • Why be unhappy
  • Deliberate manifesting is easy
  • Present moment awareness
  • Quiet your mind
  • Be ready to receive
  • How to measure progress
  • What happens when I do get contact
  • Love is the answer
  • Eliminate Resistance
  • Give this a chance to work


  • Christmas Engagement
  • Forgiveness
  • Once Rejected
  • Magically Worked
  • Stopped Reaching Out
  • FaceTimed Me
  • Fairy Tale
  • Believed in Myself
  • Happened the Way I Visualized
  • Life is Seriously Amazing
  • He Missed Me
  • Woke Up to a Message
  • Gave Up Old Habits
  • Meeting His Family


✓ This will help you finally break through with that stubborn specific person.

✓ Align with having the kind of relationship you want and deserve.

✓ Finally see yourself as capable of experiencing love and devotion.

✓ Be a priority to your person, and have them cherish you.

✓ Rewire your subconscious mind to finally attract unconditional love.

✓ Change your mental habits and inner stories to become a manifesting master in love.

✓ Become happier then you have ever been and finally have the love life of your dreams.


When you complete all 25 lessons, you will also receive immediate access to tons of bonus videos, meditations, testimonials, SP theory and remastered videos that you cannot see anywhere else.


The techniques that I teach in this workshop are things that have worked for me and also for thousands of my students. It's not hard to do. If you're finally ready to fall in love with yourself (and life!), and you BELIEVE that it's possible, then it can happen faster than you ever imagined.


Pricing options to fit every budget!

  • 1 weekly lesson/coaching email, $25/week.  You can choose to continue through to all 25 lessons, or cancel at any time with no obligation to continue.
  • 5 lessons/coaching emails, 10 minute coaching call with Veronica.  $150
  • 15 lessons/coaching emails, 20 minutes of coaching call time with Veronica that can be split up any way you like.  $400
  • 25 lessons/coaching emails, 45 minutes of coaching call time with Veronica that can be split up any way you like, immediate access to the online course which includes all mp3s, additional content and exclusive videos.  $650


Looking to purchase a larger package but need a payment plan? No problem! Choose PayPal pay in 4 at checkout, and you may qualify for 4 monthly payments with 0% interest.


Return policy:

All sales are final, please keep this in mind before making a purchase.

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