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Manifest Commitment & Marriage

Manifest Commitment & Marriage

Dream Relationship Masterclass


SAVE 30% OFF!!! Get a bonus 10 minute call with Veronica when you choose the pay in full option (one single payment).  Bonus call is a $250 value!! Sale price and bonus offer ends on Monday, April 29th 2024 at 11:59pm PDT.


Are you ready to finally manifest the relationship of your dreams?!


I’m pleased to announce the arrival of my self concept relationship self study course! This intensive masterclass is all about teaching your subconscious mind how to attract and accept the BEST relationship possible.  This will teach you how to easily manifest...


✓Unconditional love

✓Mutual respect



✓Marriage proposal

✓Wedding of your dreams

✓Being cherished

✓Being desired

✓Being chosen

✓Having harmony and bliss

✓And much more…


This masterclass focuses entirely on YOU and your self concept regarding what it is to be in a successful relationship.  By default, it will help you in whatever your relationship dilemma is.  Any of these situations will work...


✓Manifest a specific person

✓Fix an existing relationship

✓Attract back an ex

✓Fix a broken marriage

✓Attract a brand new person

✓Reconcile with someone who ghosted you

✓Help with a third party situation

✓Get your crush

✓Manifest someone who is long distance

✓Change friends with benefits to a commitment

✓Get unblocked

✓Manifest a friend who you have feelings for

✓Get your spouse back who left you

✓Manifest a soulmate you have never met


It will assist in ALL situations and circumstances, as it focuses on YOU as the heart of the manifesting.


This masterclass contains 25 intensive lessons that are all written from my own personal experience in learning how to finally attract my dream relationship.  The masterclass also comes with five informative videos which provides additional insight on the materials.  You cannot view these videos anywhere else.  Study at your own pacing and you will forever have access to the materials so you can revisit it anytime you need to.


Click the “Enroll Now” button to join.


Return policy:

All sales are final, please keep this in mind before making a purchase.  Please note if you enter a payment plan, you are obligated to complete all payments as you are being granted immediate access to the course and all its materials.  This is not a subscription service and cannot be cancelled.  I use the honor system and trust by granting you access and in return the payments must be completed.  Please try a weekly coaching program if you'd like to test the waters before committing as those can be cancelled with no obligation to continue but courses that are granted full access must also be paid in full.

12 Weekly Payments
30,00$chaque semaine pendant 12 semaines
5 Monthly Payments
69,00$chaque mois pendant 5 mois
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