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Ultra Intensive Coaching Bundle

Ultra Intensive Coaching Bundle

Let's manifest your greatest desire together!


This program is ONLY for people who are truly serious about manifesting something big.


I know you want fast results, so I put together this intensive coaching program will help you create a breakthrough in whatever you have been struggling to manifest.


This program is meant for the BIG stuff! Upleveling all areas of life!!


Fixing your love life (i.e. getting your person to fall madly in love with you, healing a relationship, getting your ex back, receiving texts, calls, communication, marriage proposal, wedding, etc.)


Money (i.e. manifesting your dream job, getting new clients, being successful, unexpected wealth, luxury lifestyle, etc.)


You can also manifest things like a dream vacation, new car, perfect body, health, vitality, acceptance into an exclusive program or school, success on social media, reverse aging, flawless skin, etc.)


I'm here to support you in whatever goals you have in mind!


Nothing is off limits!


This program is top tier so it comes with everything you need to be successful.


You can use the elements of this program at your own pacing, and we will work closely together to ensure your success.


1. 120 minutes of call time with Veronica (value $2,000)

2. Personalized Affirmations by Veronica (value $150)

3. (2) 10 minute sessions where Veronica says a manifesting prayer on your behalf (value $200)

4. 10 minute personalized guided meditation mp3 by Veronica (value $150)

5. Lifetime Access to Veronica's Manifestation Accelerator course (value $1,000)

6. Troubleshooting Worksheet Email Coaching (value $200)

7. What If Affirmations by Veronica to heal limiting beliefs (value $100)

8. 10 text/WhatsApp messages to Veronica for quick help (100 word limit each) (value $500)


I guarantee you will be empowered by the end of this program and will succeed in ways you never dreamed were possible!!


All of these services would cost $4,300 if purchased separately.


You save 50% with the bundle!!


The Ultimate Intensive Coaching Bundle costs just $2,150.


Select PayPal pay in 4 option to make 4 monthly payments with 0% interest.


Already have the Manifestation Accelerator? Email for a huge discount.


Refund policy: No refunds due to the intensive coaching nature of the program.

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