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Connect With Your Higher Self Mastery

Connect With Your Higher Self Mastery

Creating With Your Higher Self


Get a 10 minute bonus coaching call session with Veronica if you pay in full (no payment plans) value $250!


Do you feel like you can't get manifesting to work for you?

  • Are you afraid of the circumstances in your life lasting forever?
  • Do you feel frustrated at yourself and life due to not seeing results?
  • Do you often worry that things will never get better despite working hard to manifest?
  • Are you confused at what steps to take next?
  • Does it feel like the universe and your higher self have abandoned you?


I know how all of this feels.  I’ve been there too.


I was once confused and looking for answers.  I couldn’t figure out why my life wasn’t working.  I just kept falling further backwards no matter how hard I tried to work on getting ahead.


Little did I know at the time that my higher self was always there.  I just didn’t understand how to listen to that voice and take its guidance.


This program teaches you how to connect with your higher self and create your tomorrows in the way you have always dreamed.


• You will also receive unlimited coaching questions answered in my forums.  I’m here to personally help guide you as you work to achieve your dreams.


• The next round of materials will debut sometime soon which will include never before seen videos and a meditation.  You will receive these FREE of charge.  The price of this program will double at that time, but you won’t pay a single penny more.


E-mail me at with any questions prior to purchase.


If you previously did a coaching version of this program, you will receive free access to this course.  Email me at and I will enroll you asap.


If you bought a copy of the old ebook version of this program, email me at to get a huge discount.


Important Refund Policy:

Please note all purchases are final.

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8 Weekly Payments
29,00$cada semana durante 8 semanas
4 Monthly Payments
49,00$cada mes durante 4 meses
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