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Coaching: Get Someone to Do What You Want

Coaching: Get Someone to Do What You Want

Have you ever wanted to change someone's behavior?


Whether it's a complicated love relationship, a challenging coworker, a loved one, or anyone causing you frustration...


You have the power to manifest the exact behavior you desire from them.


It's simpler than you might think!


Personally work with me to manifest the desired behavior you want from everyone in your life!!


I'll guide you through the secrets of manifesting someone to do what you want.


I want to emphasize this is NOT about manipulation or control of someone's free will.


Because, it all has to do with changing YOU! (Not changing them)


We'll delve deep into three essential ingredients that drive this transformation: your reflex ideas and contemplations about this person, assumptions what you think they are thinking about, and self concept of what you think you can have in life.


I will explain it in simple and easy to implement techniques that anyone can do to get immediate results.


Here's what you'll get:


✨ Techniques That Work: 30 lessons and videos to support all of the exercises.


✨ Natural Transformation: It's not about controlling someone else but about changing yourself. As you shift, the reflection around you automatically changes, and others will respond positively as if drawn to do so.


✨ Comprehensive Support: Ask questions and get expert guidance personally from Veronica throughout the program.


The results you get will BLOW your mind!


Space is limited due to the intensive nature of this program.


Join me on this journey to unlock the potential to influence, inspire, and create harmonious connections in your life.


Enroll today and embrace a future filled with positive, purposeful relationships!


This program includes personalized email mentorship with Veronica, 1-1 phone calls and unlimited support on my forums.


Exercises will be delivered via email at your own pacing, and you will have the chance to ask any questions you like, vent your feelings and receive email coaching mentorship from me in each lesson.


✓ This will help you finally get what you want in your relationships.

✓ Align with your best self!

✓ Finally see yourself worthy of having a thriving love relationship and harmonious friendships, family relationships and interactions with all others.

✓ Attract more happiness, respect, being valued and satisfaction!

✓ Rewire your subconscious mind to finally align with joy.

✓ Change your mental habits and inner stories to become a manifesting master.

✓ Become happier then you have ever been and finally know what it's like to live a life you absolutely love.


When you complete all 30 coaching lessons, you will also receive access to tons of exclusive videos, 60 manifesting exercises, 3 additional bonus lessons and additional content that you cannot see anywhere else.


The techniques that I teach in this workshop are things that have worked for me and also for thousands of my students. It's not hard to do. If you're finally ready to change all of those frustrations and embrace your own inner confidence and groove, and you BELIEVE that it's possible, then your relationships will transform faster than you ever imagined.


Pricing options to fit every budget!

  1. 1 weekly lesson/coaching email, 2 exercises, access to an exclusive video, $29/week.  You can choose to continue through to all 30 lessons, or cancel at any time with no obligation to continue.
  2. 5 lessons/coaching emails, 10 exercises, access to 5 exclusive videos, 10 minute coaching call with Veronica.  $175
  3. 15 lessons/coaching emails, 30 exercises, access to 15 exclusive videos, 20 minutes of coaching call time with Veronica that can be split up any way you like.  $500
  4. 30 lessons/coaching emails, 60 exercises, access to 30 exclusive videos, 45 minutes of coaching call time with Veronica that can be split up any way you like, immediate access to the online course which includes 33 exclusive videos, 66 manifesting exercises, 3 additional bonus lessons and additional content that you cannot see anywhere else.  $950


Looking to purchase a larger package but need a payment plan? No problem! Choose PayPal pay in 4 at checkout, and you may qualify for 4 monthly payments with 0% interest.


Return policy:

All sales are final, please keep this in mind before making a purchase.

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